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Lathe machining


In the lathe can also be used drill, reaming drill, reamer, tap, die and knurled tools for the corresponding processing. Lathes are mainly used to process shafts, discs, sleeves and other workpieces with rotating surfaces, and are the most widely used machine tools in mechanical manufacturing and repair factories.



The materials usually processed by lathe are free-cutting steel and copper, and the free-cutting steel has high sulfur S and phosphorus P content. Sulfur and manganese exist in steel in the form of manganese sulfide, and manganese sulfide is in .

Modern lathe processing commonly used materials using aluminum alloy material, the density of aluminum alloy material relative to the density of iron and steel materials is greatly reduced, and the lathe processing difficulty is low, plasticity is strong, the product weight is greatly reduced, but also greatly shorten the time of lathe parts followed by the cost reduction makes aluminum alloy become the darling of the field of aviation accessories.



1, easy to ensure the accuracy of each machining surface of the workpiece; During processing, the workpiece rotates around a fixed axis, and each surface has the same rotating axis, so it is easy to ensure the requirements of coaxiality between processing surfaces;

2, the cutting process is relatively stable; In addition to the intermittent surface, under normal circumstances the lathe processing process is continuous, unlike milling and planing, in a cutting process, the knife teeth have multiple cuts and cuts, resulting in impact;

3, suitable for non-ferrous metal parts finishing; Some non-ferrous metal parts, because the material itself has low hardness and good plasticity, it is difficult to get a smooth surface with other processing methods;

4, the tool is simple; Turning tool is one of the simplest tools, manufacturing, sharpening and installation are very convenient, which is easy to choose a reasonable Angle according to the specific processing requirements.

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